Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy December! News from 'Mission Central'...

To everyone following this blog - thank you!  Thank you for your support of this dream of mine, to write this book.  Things have been moving slowly on the writing front for me this fall, as I have been working extra long hours to make enough money to get through the winter, during which time I will hopefully be working a LOT less and writing a LOT more!  That's the plan, anyway.  We will see how it goes.

During this slowed-down time, I have been endeavoring to re-connect to this 'mission' of mine through prayer and meditation, to further open the channels, to encourage, surrender to, and give my permission for Divine Spirit to speak through this work/through these words. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I 'saw' this book, the title and the table of contents, anyway, while working with the medicine a few years ago.  My initial response was "...but I don't know how to write a book!"  so, initially, I put the idea on the back-burner; but the sense that writing this book is a divine mission - that would not go away despite my doubts - finally made me realize that to make my best effort is all I can do.  Over the summer I got a bit far into a left-brained approach, which was good: I am happy for the research background and breakdown of some of the essential pieces of the picture.  But ultimately I am praying that this book, this conversation, can change the world for the better.  In order to do that it needs to get way beyond the head, into the Heart and Spirit of things.  Not a small order - and not something I can do on my own!  Thus, I pray for help, for Divine guidance and Divine illumination in every aspect of this endeavor.  In accordance with Divine Will, of course!

(For those of you who are not spiritual or who don't believe in God, I am sorry.  There really is no other way to phrase how I experience this project.  I guess I could talk about the Greek 'muse' or spirit of creativity working through me.  But since this book is discussing entheogens - accessing or engendering the Divine Within - I feel that some discussion of this nature is to be expected.  Please know that I will make the book as accessible to people of any - or no - faith to the best of my ability.)

Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jonathan Thompson, founder of the online community resource website Psychedelic Parenting ( see  The podcast of our interview can be heard at (1)

"Psychedelic Parenting" is a name I have a hard time with, quite honestly.  I had to really check myself to see if I was willing to go on a forum by such a name, as my real self.   I guess I have been affected by the cultural conditioning around that word more than I knew!  However, as Martin Ball put it (and which I am re-quoting):

“The State has the power to destroy your life. There’s absolutely no question about that, and so the state is incredibly dangerous in that sense. And it’s vindictive, it’s misguided, it’s built on illusion upon illusion upon illusion. The problem is that these illusions can still come to get you, even if they’re illusions. It’s a difficult call that ultimately people have to judge for themselves. But the other side of that is this: If no one stands up, nothing’s going to change. Someone’s got to do it. Personally, reality is more important than anything I might want to protect, such as my own personal well-being or comfort, so I’m not going to hide myself in any way. Although there are certain details I’ll avoid discussing on podcasts. But if they really wanted me, the data is all right there. I’m all-in at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the last thing I want would be to be separated from them, and although prison would profoundly suck, I’m not going to edit myself in order to avoid something that I don’t have any real certainty is actually going to happen. Reality will always win, eventually.”(2)

As you can see, I went for it.  No more hiding!  Now anyone who looks me up online is liable to find that podcast.  And I stand by it, as I stand by this book project and the necessity of changing the cultural conditioning around the sacred and respectful use of entheogenic plant medicines.

However there is a good article explaining the name at  In Daphne Dawn's words: 'Psychedelic is defined in head circles as “mind-manifesting,” but, depending on your preferred translation of psyche, can also refer to the “soul made visible."'  She goes on to add:

"So “Psychedelic Parenting” is child-rearing with a focus on spiritual growth, conscious stewardship, curiosity, Truth and authenticity (see article on the Five Psychedelic Family Values). It is sharing our personal stories and influences, not being afraid to let our children know of our connection to higher spiritual authorities and realms. It is raising children in a gluttonous, selfish society and helping them stay above all the tendrils looking to pull them down into mediocrity and passiveness. It is acknowledging our connection to plants and the Earth on an energetic level. It is about knowing your children very personally, and sharing wisdom that you know they are ready for–giving them not too little, but not too much, information." (3)

I want to put a plug in for my new friends over at Psychedelic Parenting.  If you would like to support their worthy cause, including their wonderful podcast program, please check out their GoFundMe site:


(1) Interview with Harmony Haynie.  Psychedelic Parenting.
(2) Interview with Martin Ball.  Psychedelic Parenting.

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